Gordon Ramsay’s Costa del Nightmare restaurant Jacks Chicken Shack faces fresh disaster

Four million+ viewers tuned in last month to see the famous Channel 4 chef Gordon Ramsey transform a family run business in Fuengirola from ‘disgusting’ into a clean productive eatery.

But according to reports locally the family-run restaurant that is supposed to be now thriving is now losing £2,500 (€3183 per month) and will probably not last another six months.

The restaurant, originally called the Mayfair, was transformed from what the Michelin-starred chef described as “slop” and “disgusting” to a tasty chicken restaurant called 'Jack’s Chicken Shack'. The place was revamped and the punters were queuing around the corner. 

According to the locals, the new-founded popularity lasted for about three weeks. Now, the popularity of the restaurant that is run by a British ex-pat has slowly dwindled down to just a few customers a day. They apparently loop the Channel4 episode on a big screen in the restaurant and a variation of Ramsay’s recommended recipes, it is obviously not working anymore for the briefly bustling establishment.

The coast is still quite busy at this time of year and the other local restaurants are busy, but according to locals, unimpressed customers have criticised the restaurant with one customer saying:  “We thought we’d get food up to the standard of a Gordon Ramsay restaurant but it was nothing like it.” Please take a reality check!!!


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