Spanish nurse tests positive for Ebola

A SPANISH NURSE in Madrid has tested positive for the Ebola Virus after coming into contact with the infected missionary Manuel García Viejo, who got infected while working in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

The auxiliary nurse has tested positive for the deadly virus after displaying symptoms including a high fever. Although the initial medical analysis tested positive, the nurse will now undergo further testing to confirm whether or not she has the virus for sure. The Health Ministry has called a crisis meeting, and is awaiting the results.

The nurse, who works at Madrid’s Carlos III hospital, treated the priest Manuel García Viejo, who was flown to the Spanish capital from Sierra Leone. García Viejo died of the virus on September 26.

If the positive result is confirmed, the woman will be the third Ebola sufferer to be treated in Spain, but the first to contract the virus on Spanish soil. If positive, she will be the first case in history of the virus contracted outside of the African continent.

The patient was admitted to the hospital in the morning on Monday, October 6 with a very high fever.

On August 12 the priest Miguel Pajares died of the virus after being moved to Madrid’s Carlos III hospital. Manuel García Viejo died thirteen days later. Both were members of the San Juan de Dios religious order.

The Ebola virus has ravaged West Africa, and above all countries including Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. According to the World Health Service, some 7,178 people have contracted the disease so far, with 3,338 deaths. It is believed that all cases of Ebola up until now have been contracted on the African continent.


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