Second Spanish priest dies from Ebola in Madrid

THE Spanish priest who was diagnosed with Ebola in Sierra Leone has died in a Madrid hospital.

Manuel Garcia Viejo, 69, is now the second Spanish missionary to die from the virus, after he contracted it while working as a medical director at a hospital.

A statement from the Carlos III hospital announced his death last night.

IS spells out historic plan to retake Andalucia

A MILITANT force growing in the east is threatening to take over the western world.

The violent jihadist terrorist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or Isis/Is/Isil – publicly disavowed even by al-Qaeda for being too extreme – has now set its sights on Spain.

Two young Isis extremists appeared in a YouTube video last month vowing to liberate al-Andalus, the ‘land of our forefathers’.

By al-Andalus, the men are referring to the region we call ‘home’ – Moorish Andalucia as it was during 700 years of Islamic rule – and which Isis claims is rightfully theirs.

In the minute-long video, a smiling jihadist wearing a kefiah scarf around his head asserts in Spanish, with a heavy North African accent: “I say to the entire world as a warning: we are living under the Islamic banner, the Islamic caliphate. “We will die for it until we open those occupied lands from Jakarta to Andalucia.

“And I say: Spain is the land of our ancestors and we will open it with the power of Allah.”

King Juan Carlos of Spain to abdicate

In a shock announcement, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has announced at a special press conference that King Juan Carlos is to abdicate.


"His Majesty King Juan Carlos has just told me of his wish to renounce the throne and begin the succession process of succession," Rajoy said during the press conference.

Spain's Crown Prince Felipe is to take over the reins, he added.

The 76-year-old king who took the throne in 1975 was "convinced" of his decision, and would give his own reasons for this abdication, the Spanish Prime Minister said during the brief press conference. 

Rajoy described the king as the "best symbol of unity and peace" for the country, and said the abdication process would be carried "in the context of instutional stability".

Scottish or Catalan vote 'torpedoes EU', says Spain's Rajoy


Independence referendums in Scotland or Spain's Catalonia region are like a torpedo to European integration, PM Mariano Rajoy has warned.

He told MPs such processes created "more economic recession and poverty".

Pro-independence Catalans are watching Scotland's referendum on independence on Thursday closely, with plans for a similar vote in Catalonia in November.

If Scotland backed independence, it would have to reapply to the EU as a new member state, Mr Rajoy said.

'Torpedo below the waterline'

Catalonia's regional parliament is set to vote on a resolution on Wednesday that could pave the way for a November referendum on independence from Spain.

Last Thursday, hundreds of thousands of Catalans formed a "V" for "vote" along two of Barcelona's main roads calling for their right to vote.

But Spain's national government is opposed to any move towards independence and its blessing is constitutionally required to make a referendum legal.

Speaking to members of parliament on Wednesday, Prime Minister Rajoy described referendums like the Scottish example as "a torpedo below the waterline for European integration".

'Police' highway robbers detained

TWO men who pretended to be police officers in order to rob elderly foreigners on the AP-7 motorway have been arrested.

They have been linked with thefts from vehicles in a vast area.

These occurred from La Jonquera on the French border as far as Castellón province.

Catalan regional police, the Mossos d'Esquadra, detained the men identified as Omer H and Hariz S, both aged 28.

They are of Bosnian nationality and residents of Barcelona.

A spokesman for the Mossos d'Esquadra explained that the suspects have previous convictions for similar offences.

He said they would mostly target elderly foreign people at service stations.

They are accused of breaking and entering, robbery and impersonating a public official.

As part of their 'Pista' plan to prevent property crimes at motorway service areas, officers were staking out the Baix Ebre facility in L'Aldea, as several offences had been committed there recently.


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